May 4, 2018

You Can Whey Da Optimum To Check Out If It’s Any Good

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Yo mon! Is this any good for you, mon? Can only be. Read what these nice fellows have to say about whey protein. And get this, it comes in powder form. So, as you whey da optimum use for you, you mix it well in a glass of water. But yo mon, what if the taste no good for you, mon. Aw, not to worry, honey bun, because you can flavor it up summat. What’s your fave flavors then hey. Cool, you like vanilla. You dig just how many other dudes too like. And girls still love their strawberries. No-one not like chocolate, right.

Anyways, there’s plenty of the good stuff in your next chug of whey da protein drink. Just you all make sure there’s no sugar in it, is all. So, like what’s innit for you if you take this drink. You already dig the flavors, so what else then. Oh, there’s these bits and pieces about your health. Oh, alright then. If you dig a thick juicy steak and your doctor’s told you to make some cuts here, then you can have a chug of whey instead. Because get this, it’s loaded with protein. So, waahaa! No-one’s missing their protein! Each serving of your chug has five point five grams of BCAAs.

whey da optimum

Whatever could that be? Try it out anyways. And it’s also got about four grams of glutamine per drink. Sounds interesting, try that out too then. But seriously, guys, what’s you all gotta lose. You get that they’re trying to get you healthy and into shape, so what the heck, may as well see what this does. Does it make us feel any better in the morning? Wait and see, but hey, it’s not your morning after drink. This stuff’s got cocoa. Cool, very cool. It’s a natural ingredient to help you out with your chocolate flavor. H’mm, there’s stuff called lecithin and lactase included, and then there’s aminogen. In this drink are no less than three different types of protein.