April 26, 2018

What Types of Termites are there?

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Everyone knows that termites are a big problem for wooden homes. What most people don’t realize there are various kinds of termites that may infest your home. Two species, in particular, are responsible for most urgent calls to termite treatment Mission Viejo companies. Read below to find out more about both, which are called subterranean and drywood termites.

Subterranean Termites

These termites live underground and may be present where there are large hills. Sometimes, however, there are no large hills and homeowners aren’t aware they exist until they have structural damage. They normally feed on tree roots or other pieces of wood which may be on or below the ground. They can be found in nature near forested areas, and small bodies of water. They are particularly attracted to homes with dampness or moisture, such as leaks in plumbing. They create mud tubes that are attached near windows, plumbing, or crevices in the wall.

Drywood Termites

Dry wood termites live inside of their food source and are commonly found anywhere that wood has been left laying around. In nature, they are most commonly present in older forests or woods. They are attracted to any wooden home but can be drawn there by large piles or leaves or large pieces of rotting wood left around the property. They hollow out wood quickly, so they can live inside. If you place a butter knife into the wood.

Why It’s Important to Know the Species

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You may wonder why proper identification is key. If they are both termites, what is the difference? The difference is a large one, as the methods to get rid of them are different. While one infests the wood, they eat and must be fumigated for extermination, the other lives underground outside the home and requires different chemicals. The methods of prevention are also different.

If you have either of these common species, you need to get termite treatment Mission Viejo experts over fast. A small infestation of termites can quickly get out of hand, and lead to significant structural damage. Consequently, damage to your home can also draw in more pests as it allows for additional entry points.