June 27, 2018

Learning How To Get Rid Of Voles

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Voles are a problem. They live in colonies underground, which have burrows and tunnels They are also prolific breeders, and so a small vole problem becomes a big one very quickly.

Gardeners and lawn keepers want to get rid of voles. They eat bulbs and grasses, chew the bark off trees and create holes in the lawn. There are all sorts of ways to get rid of them

Drastic Measures

There are some drastic ways how to get rid of voles. Poisoning them is one obvious way, but means there will be dead and dying animals which leads to other different problems, and has safety implications for pets. You can also consider commercial repellents and live and fatal traps, all of which will have some impact on your environment, and may affect pets, and have to be carefully considered if there are children around.

There are other less drastic ways which might achieve the same goals.


Neem oil will repel bugs and grubs which voles add to their predominantly vegetation diet. Scaring away the food source makes your place a little less attractive.

how to get rid of voles

Spraying a mix of castor oil and dish soap is a repellent which will not wash away in the rain.

Sound and Vibration

Noise is a natural deterrent – voles like other creatures want to be unobtrusive and noise acts as a natural deterrent. Vibration also creates an atmosphere in which they are uncomfortable. It makes it harder to tunnel and can even cause the tunnels to collapse.


This is another method of making it harder to tunnel. Adding gravel makes it harder for them to create the burrows so hopefully, they will go elsewhere.

Plant deterrents

There are lots of plants they simply don’t like and so there around the perimeter of the property will create barriers. Chocolate lilies and the castor bean plant are naturals, as is the garlic plant.

Garlic and Hot Sauce

As it turns out, Sriracha is not for voles. They positively hate the smell and taste. In the case of peppers (like hot jalapeños), it makes their paws uncomfortable and will keep them away.

Don’t fence them in

If you decide to fence it must go at least 12 inches down and the mesh has to be small enough that they can’t get through.

Good luck – you might need more than one of these.